Chargeback Disputes and PayPal Claims

Chargeback Disputes and PayPal Claims

In general, we STRONGLY recommend contacting our Customer Support team rather than initiating a chargeback dispute or submitting a PayPal claim if you have an issue. Our team is equipped to resolve any issue you may be experiencing. Initiating a chargeback dispute or PayPal claim only prolongs your resolution and virtually eliminates the options we have to assist you

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is the reversal of a credit card payment that comes directly from the financial institution. This is the result of a collector initiating a dispute with their financial institution. Sideshow is immediately debited for the funds when a chargeback is initiated. 

What is a PayPal claim?

A PayPal claim results when a collector escalates their dispute to a claim in order to request a refund/reversal where PayPal steps in to determine how the situation should be resolved. Essentially, this is the equivalent of a chargeback dispute through PayPal.

What happens to my Sideshow account when I submit a chargeback dispute with my financial institution / initiate a PayPal claim?

Please keep in mind that any accounts with pending chargebacks or PayPal claims will be temporarily disabled. You will not be able to access the account. Any payments or refunds due will not process and orders will not ship until the dispute is confirmed as resolved by our processor. Multiple chargebacks or PayPal claims for any reason will result in permanent account closure. For more information, please visit our Reasons for Account Closure article.

I submitted a dispute / initiated a PayPal claim by mistake. What can I do to resolve it and restore access to my Sideshow account?

You can contact your financial institution or PayPal directly to indicate that the dispute was submitted in error and request that it be reversed. If you indicated to your financial institution / PayPal that the payment was unauthorized, you can contact your financial institution / PayPal and indicate that the payment was authorized and that the dispute was submitted in error. Once the dispute/claim is reversed and confirmed as resolved by our processor, we can restore access to the account. 

Are you able to continue to process payments or ship items while I resolve the chargeback with my financial institution?

When a dispute is initiated, our payment processor flags the payment method and prevents us from processing any payments or issuing any credits. Sideshow cannot process any payments, ship any items, or allow access to the account until the dispute is confirmed as resolved by our processor, even if you've already received confirmation from your financial institution / PayPal.

I didn't recognize the charge and immediately filed a chargeback dispute. 


Our payment processor utilizes several processing partners. Depending on your territory, a payment processed by Sideshow may display on your financial statement from one of the following processors:

CALGARY FOREIGN EXCHANGE LTD. (228 8th Ave SW Calgary AB, Canada T2P 1B5)

CALFOREX LIMITED (99 Bishops Gate, London EC2M 3XD, UK),

GOINTERPAY LIMITED (99 Bishops Gate, London EC2M 3XD, UK)

CALFOREX AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (139 Sandgate RD, Brisbane, QLD AU 4010)

GOINTERPAY LLC (Pier 26 The Embarcadero #5 N Bulkhead San Francisco CA USA 94105)

Payments processed by Sideshow may also display as:
'GIP-Sideshowtoys,''GoInterpay,' or 'RCH Sideshow.' 

If you are unsure about a charge, please call 805-214-2100 (1-855-SIDESHOW Toll-Free).

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