Pay with Klarna

Sideshow is pleased to now offer payment via Klarna on many in stock items for international collectors.

What is Klarna? 

Klarna offers collectors the opportunity to pay in installments over time while their in stock item ships out immediately. Divide payments over time and keep track of your scheduled installments with Klarna’s comprehensive payment plan service for in-stock collectibles. Your item ships to you right away, meaning you can crack the case (and have that perfect unboxing) even faster. Shop now and pay later with Klarna — your Batcave décor will thank you.

Which items are eligible for payment via Klarna?

Most in-stock items $50 and higher are eligible for payment with Klarna. Items eligible will display a starting payment installment amount and the "Klarna" or "Eligible for Klarna" image:


How do I checkout with Klarna?

Just select Klarna at checkout, then enter a few pieces of information for a real‑time decision from Klarna. 

Once approved, select from the available payment plan options. Then review your payment plan.

Confirm your payment plan and complete your purchase:


How do I make my monthly payments to Klarna? 

Just download the Klarna app or sign in at Klarna will send e-mail or text notifications when payments are due. 

Will applying with Klarna impact my credit score? 

Your credit score will not be affected when you check your eligibility, even though Klarna performs a credit check. If you decide to buy with Klarna, your loan and payments may affect your credit score. Paying on time can help you build positive credit history.

I was not approved for payment via Klarna. Am I still able to pay in installments over time?

Yes. Just choose the 'Layaway (Flex)' option at checkout. Keep in mind if you pay via Layaway (Flex), the item will NOT ship until the final payment is completed.

Can Sideshow adjust my payment schedule with Klarna

No. For any questions related to your payment schedule with Klarna, contact Klarna by calling 1-833-916-3555 or by visiting and chatting with them. Chat is available 24/7.

Is Klarna available for U.S. orders?

Klarna is currently only available for international customers in select territories. 

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