Selecting USD as Your Preferred Currency

As of January 15th, 2018 all payments will process in the collector’s local currency by default. Should the collector prefer to have payments processed in USD, this option is available via accessing the Payment Methods area in the collector's Sideshow online account. 

To select USD as your preferred currency: 

1. Visit
2. Login to your online account.
3. Hover the cursor over area that reads "HEY YOUR NAMEin the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click Account
4. Click Payment Methods. 
5. Click Add a New Payment Method.

6. Fill in the appropriate payment information into the required fields.
7. Enter the requested payment information into the required fields.
8. Select USD under Currency.
9. Click Add Payment Method.

*PLEASE NOTE* At this time, PayPal transactions can only be processed in USD.

Should you wish to switch between USD and your local currency in the future, you can do so by accessing the Payment Method and clicking Edit.

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