GoInterpay (Reach), Conversion Rates, and Preferred Currency

Sideshow has partnered with GoInterpay (Reach) to offer collectors an improved purchasing experience with exciting benefits and more payment options.

Local Currency

As of January 15, 2018 all credit card and PayPal transactions are completed in the collector's local currency by default. This will save the majority of international collectors 2-3% by eliminating the Foreign Transaction Fee (FX) assessed by most major credit card companies.

Should a collector prefer to have payments processed in USD, this option can be selected by accessing the “Payment Methods” area in your Sideshow online account. For detailed instructions on how to select USD as your preferred currency, please visit the Help Desk page located here.

Prices shown on the Sideshow website in the collector’s local currency are estimates based on the conversion rate from USD to that currency provided by our payment processor. Rates are provided once per day. Please note, the amount processed for a payment is based on the conversion rate on the date of the charge.


Refunds processed in a collector’s local currency will be refunded at the same conversion rate for up to 90 days from the date the payment was processed. Any refunds processed outside of 90 days from the original charge date will be refunded at the conversion rate on the date the refund is processed. Sideshow is not responsible for fluctuations in the exchange rate that may impact refund amounts.


All collectibles offered on the Sideshow website are now eligible for payment via PayPal (with the exception of certain territories where PayPal is unavailable). PayPal can also be used in conjunction with a flexible payment plan. You can add a PayPal account as a form of payment by accessing the “Payment Methods” area in your Sideshow online account.

Additional Payment Options

In an effort to make the purchasing experience even more convenient and offer greater flexibility to our collectors, several other payment options (in addition to PayPal and Credit /  Debit cards) will be available in the near future. 


GoInterpay utilizes several processing partners. Depending on your territory, a payment processed by Sideshow may display on your financial statement from one of the following processors:

CALGARY FOREIGN EXCHANGE LTD. (228 8th Ave SW Calgary AB, Canada T2P 1B5)

CALFOREX LIMITED (99 Bishops Gate, London EC2M 3XD, UK),

GOINTERPAY LIMITED (99 Bishops Gate, London EC2M 3XD, UK)

CALFOREX AUSTRALIA PTY LTD (139 Sandgate RD, Brisbane, QLD AU 4010)

GOINTERPAY LLC (Pier 26 The Embarcadero #5 N Bulkhead San Francisco CA USA 94105)

For more information, please visit:


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