Accepted Payment Methods

Accepted Forms Of Payment

Sideshow only accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, and ApplePay.

All credit card transactions are completed in the collector's local currency unless the collector prefers to be charged in USD. For instructions on how to select USD as your preferred currency, please click here.
PayPal transactions are processed in the collector's local currency.

Apple Pay

Sideshow has officially joined the future - we now accept Apple Pay for domestic orders! However, keep the following in mind:
  • Apple Pay is valid on single-item, in-stock, full-pay orders. 
  • Apple pay cannot be used with a flexible payment plan (subject to Apple country restrictions). 
  • Apple pay can only be used with a Safari browser on a Mac computer or iPhone. 

Region-Specific Payment Methods

Sideshow now accepts the following region-specific forms of payment for single in-stock items: 
  • Sofort in Germany
  • iDeal in the Netherlands
  • Boleto in Brazil

Unacceptable Forms Of Payment

At this time we do not accept the following forms of payment: 
  • Personal checks
  • Money orders
  • American Express
  • Western Union wire transfers
  • Pre-Paid debit gift cards (i.e. Visa Gift Cards)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Virtual credit cards
  • E-credit cards
  • IOUs written on the back of a postcard
  • Schrute bucks or Stanley nickels
  • Galleons, sickles, or knuts
  • Any other kind of fictional currency
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