When Does my Flex Pay Order Charge / Ship?


Your item ships after your last payment! Shipping costs and applicable taxes will be added to that last payment. International clients will need to pay Import fees to their carrier directly prior to delivery of the shipment.

Customers create a payment plan by choosing the date of their payment and the number of payments that works best for them! Once you have created your payment plan and submitted your order you may have questions like these...

Forget your schedule?
It will also appear in your order details in your online account and calendar.

Available Funds!
Your payment will be charged on your selected date or within 48 hours following it, if your payment date falls on a holiday or weekend. Make sure funds are available so that you avoid overdraft /over limit fees!

Score a a discount? COOL!
Any discounts applied to your order will reduce the amount of each payment in your schedule. Thus, the amount of each payment may differ slightly from what was posted on site.

Dreaded fees aren't so dreaded...
There is a very modest cancellation fee for plans payments unless your item required a Non Refundable Deposit (NRD), in which case just that NRD is held.

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