Managing Payment Methods

Adding a Payment Method

To add a new payment method:

1. Visit
2. Login to your online account.
3. Hover the cursor over the area that reads "HEY YOUR NAME" in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click Account
4. Click Payment Methods. 
5. Click Add a New Payment Method.

6. Select Credit Card or PayPal 

7. To add a Credit Card, select Credit Card, enter the requested information, and click Add Payment Method. 

8. To add a PayPal account, select PayPal, click Add Payment Method, and follow the prompts. 

If this is your first time adding a payment method, the payment method you add will be automatically selected as the default payment method. 

If you have more than one payment method, you can select a different default payment method. Simply access the payment method you wish to set as the default and click Set as Default. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Setting a new default payment method will ensure all future purchases process to this form of payment. Existing open orders WILL NOT process to your new default payment method. If you need to adjust the payment method on a specific order, you need to access the individual order and update the payment method there. 

To update the payment method on an existing order:

  1. Visit 
  2. Login to your online account
  3. Hover the cursor over the area that reads “HEY YOUR NAME” in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click Orders.
  4. Click Open to filter your open orders. Locate the order you wish to update the payment method for.
  5. Click Modify order.
  6. Near the payment method, click Change.
  7. Select the appropriate payment method from the drop down menu

8. Click Use this payment method.

Update or Delete an Existing Payment Method

You can update your payment method information in your online account at any time. You can also update the payment information on an existing order up to 5 days before the order ships from our warehouse.

To edit or delete an existing payment method:

1. Visit
2. Login to your online account. 
3. Hover the cursor over area that reads "HEY YOUR NAME" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Click Account
4. Click Payment Methods.
5. Access the payment method you wish to update. Click Edit or Delete depending on whether you wish to update or delete the payment method.
6. Update the payment method information and click Save Changes. 

* For international collectors, please be sure that your preferred currency is selected when adding or editing a payment method. For detailed instructions on choosing your preferred currency, please visit the article linked here *


Edit Pre-order Info

If you are attempting to update payment information outside of 5 business days prior to your order charging and shipping, you may see the message 'Item shipping soon. Order can not be updated. Please contact us'. This means your order is currently processing and you'll need to contact us at 1-805-214-2100 or toll free at 1-855-SIDESHOW, 

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