Guidelines for Posting on Sideshow Websites

We offer readers the ability to post comments/reviews on our news and product pages. Your posting is anonymous (aside from an IP address being logged to our server) unless you choose to enter specific information. After you submit a post, it will not appear on the site immediately. All submitted comments/reviews are monitored by Sideshow staff to ensure they are appropriate for inclusion on our website. We will delete comments/reviews that we find detract from the enjoyment of reading articles on our website. We ask that posters refrain from posting comments/reviews that contain information listed below. Users posting comments or reviews that consistently ignore these guidelines will be blocked from posting.

Comments/Reviews that meet any of the following criteria may be deleted:

  • Product Reviews submitted for items that have not begun shipping or are not in the possession of the reviewer will be deleted. This includes reviews of pre-order product.
  • Links to other websites.
  • Spam and links to spam.
  • Posts in ALL CAPS.
  • Personal attacks on other posters or Sideshow writers and staff.
  • Links to inappropriate content such as pornography, obscene photos, etc.
  • Posting of any personal information, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, etc. If you want to include your e-mail in a post, that’s ok with us, but don’t type someone else’s information.
  • Excessive use of profanity, or profanity in the titles of comments or messages.
  • Use of offensive speech including, but not limited to, commenting on gender, race, sexual preference or religion.
  • Comments on grammar and spelling and any related discussion.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes are inevitable from time to time due to the volume of material we produce daily.
  • Impersonations of other users’ post names and related discussion about how the post is not from that user.
  • Rude or excessively negative comments.
  • Negative comments about Sideshow or our partner entities and manufacturers.
  • Mention or promotion of unlicensed or custom collectibles.
  • Repeat postings of previous comments.
  • Excessively long or wordy comments. (please keep comments close to 200 words or less)


All comments/reviews become property of Sideshow. By submitting a comment or review through our website, you agree to allow Sideshow to post your submitted comment/review in publicly accessible areas including our shopping cart. Comments/Reviews that are submitted are subject to distribution, reproduction, modification, and adaptation for use by Sideshow for any purpose.

These guidelines apply to all Sideshow owned websites and properties. 

Please also refer to our general Terms and Condition for further details. 

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