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Benefits of E-newsletter Membership

Sideshow Collectibles appreciates its collector community and strives to keep them as informed as possible about upcoming products, release dates and event schedules.

The main tool we use for this is our weekly E-Newsletter, which goes out to our collector family around the world. This newsletter is FREE to join and takes only a few moments to sign up. We send your e-newsletter right to your fingertips each week!

If you are unfamilar with our newsletter service than you may not know the BIG BENEFITS that membership can bring to you such as earning a discount immediately, being eligible to compete for collectibles and other prizes, receiving information about new licenses, having advanced notice of pre-order items and more.

For more information and to sign up click here!

Trouble receiving our e-mail updates or newsletter?

E-mail service providers are becoming stringent these days and are increasingly classifying good e-mail as SPAM. Sideshow Collectibles communicates with our clients via e-mail about account status, pending orders and about our new products. We also offer our clients an online newsletter service that conveys company news, member specials, shipping information and more. These e-mail communications may be blocked if we are not listed within your address book, junk mail filters, and / or 3rd party SPAM blocking software. Please make sure that you add the ‘receive from’ addresses below to your address book!

Add these to your SPAM filter / approved sender list and address books:
(These are “NO Reply” addresses, which means if you e-mail these address we will never receive the correspondence.)

Product arrival / Processing notifications

Online account changes / wait list notices

E-mailed invoices / tracking information

US & international shipment tracking info

Declined credit card notifications

Newsletters / PPO e-mails

Product information

Other things to check:
1) Make sure that you are checking the correct e-mail address. Some customers sign up with one and assume the correspondence is being sent to another.
2) Check your newsletter sign up page here and verify which newsletters you have selected.
3) Check your personal spam filters and add our address above to your approved sender list.
4) Our newsletter is generally sent out on Thursday each week at approximately 6:00 – 6:30 pm PT. Some providers allow only so much correspondence through to their clients at one time, which may cause a delay in receiving your mail. The newsletter can now be accessed directly through our site each week if your receipt via e-mail is slowed by your host’s settings.

If you continue to have trouble, please contact Customer Service.



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