Purchasing An Item From An Outside Seller

Sorry, but Sideshow's 30 Day Exchange/Return Policy does not apply to pieces purchased via third-party sellers.

However, it is still important to us that your purchasing experience is informed and fair. Nobody is getting swindled on our watch if we can help it!

Occasionally, we receive complaints with regards to a vendor’s misrepresentation of product availability, edition sizes, delivery expectations, and false implications of partnerships with Sideshow. If you are purchasing an item from an unofficial vendor or online auction, we have some recommendations for how to ensure the safety and security of your purchase:
  • Request pictures of the item out of the box, including pictures of the base and the edition number.
  • Do not buy mint-in-box/never opened collectibles. Always request the seller open the product and check for damages prior to shipping it.
  • Ensure the seller has their own return policy before making a purchase.
  • Offer to pay for shipping insurance on your item as it may accrue damage while in transit.
Please note, if you're purchasing from a brick and mortar store, each location may have its own unique return policy. That said, if they are an official Sideshow retailer, they should have a wholesale representative that can assist them with any items that arrive with issues or flaws. A good reason to stay away from shadier dealers!

To locate an official Sideshow retailer near you, please use our store locator at  www.sideshow.com/store-locator. Tell them Sideshow sent you!
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