Returns, Exchanges, and Replacement Parts


Sometimes bad things happen to good collectibles, but never fear — we‘re here to help! Just contact us within 30 days of delivery, and one of our expert Product Support Representatives can assist you. If the item is damaged, we'll pay for the return shipping (though just know that we will ask for pictures of the damage and packaging). If you decide that you simply don't want it, then you pay for the return shipping. Once we receive it back, you'll get the refund or replacement that you requested. Easy peasy!


Our goal at Sideshow is to ensure that our collectors are 100% satisfied with every purchase. As such, all of our direct customers are covered by a 30-Day Exchange/Return window. This warranty starts at that highly-anticipated moment when your item arrives on your doorstep.
Please know that if your item is outside of the 30-day window, we won't be able to provide a return, refund, or credit.
Due to the limited nature of our collectibles, we encourage everyone to open and inspect their purchase immediately upon delivery, so that you can take advantage of the warranty if needed.
If you find yourself needing to start a return or exchange, click here .

My item is damaged or defective. How can you help?

Sideshow’s items are hand-crafted and painted, which can create small differences between each piece, thus making them truly unique and totally awesome. While these variations are not considered flaws, items that arrive with actual production defects or those that have been damaged in transit can be exchanged (based on stock availability), or returned for a full refund. In these cases, Sideshow will assist you in returning the item at our expense.

You may submit Product Support-related requests by logging into your Sideshow online account and accessing the order in question. From there, select 'Get Help With This Item' and fill out the Product Support form! Be sure to provide the requested details and some photos when applicable. Also, if a return label is being issued for your item, this is where you would go to access the QR code/printable label.

For our U.S. collectors, we will provide a pre-paid QR code label to present to the carrier, as well as a standard printable PDF label. For our international collectors, we will have other return options available based on your location, such as providing a pre-paid DHL label and all necessary return documentation.

If you are shipping to/from an APO or FPO address, we will follow up on your inquiry with specific return instructions.

We may also be able to make your piece whole again by providing parts! However, please know that this is dependent upon stock availability and the interchangeability of each component of the collectible. 

I changed my mind and no longer want to keep the item. Am I able to return it for a refund?

You can return your purchase for a refund of the item price, less the original and return shipping costs. For both domestic and international customers, we will provide you with a shipping label for your convenience, and any label costs will be deducted from your refund. For our international collectors, we may have alternate return options, in which case our Product Support team will follow up and advise you on available options based on your location.

How long until I get my refund?

Once your item is received, refunds are typically processed within 5-7 business days. However, please note that it can take up to 14 business days for the funds to post to the original payment method(s), depending on your financial institution.

I purchased my item from another vendor. Can you help?

We are only able to assist with purchases made directly through If you purchased from an outside retailer, private collector, or another third-party vendor , please contact that vendor directly for assistance. If needed, your vendor will contact their Sideshow representative for further assistance with your concern. 

My item was purchased for me as a gift. How can I get a replacement or return the item?

They must be a dear friend to present you with such a fantastic gift! Which is good, because we will need the original purchaser to contact us. They can send pictures or videos on your behalf, and we will work to the best of our abilities get the matter resolved to your satisfaction. Also, be sure to thank the person who gave you a Sideshow item as a gift, because they got you one of the best presents that money can buy!

My item was lost, what should I do?

When your order leaves our warehouse, we provide you with tracking information so you can monitor your shipment and we can ensure safe delivery. However, we do understand that unexpected things can happen and sometimes shipments are lost to the abyss (maybe in the same place where all those single socks and hair ties go)! 

If that happens, we are here to help! Simply reach out to us within 30 days and we can start an investigation into the whereabouts of your package. We will keep you updated  about this process and, if the carrier is unable to locate the package or confirm delivery, we will set you up with a replacement or refund, depending on stock availability. 

Why do you request pictures?

In the event that you are reporting damage to your collectible, we will request photos of the damage as well as the packaging. This is to ensure that our team has all the necessary information to evaluate the issue(s) and determine the optimal resolution for you.

What kind of photos do you need?

Great question! In order to ensure that we are able to resolve your concern to your satisfaction and as promptly as possible, we require:
  • A photo that clearly shows the issue.
  • A photo of the larger area where the problem is located (not zoomed in, so we can easily identify the area of concern).
  • Photos of the packaging that your collectible arrived in (this includes the brown shipping box, graphics art box, and inner packaging such as styrofoam, etc).
  • A picture of the edition number from the underside of the base (required if the item has an edition size).
Be sure the photos that you submit make the issue that you are reporting obvious to anyone viewing the photo. Providing clear and discernible photos will help us resolve your issue as promptly as possible. If it looks like a blurry photo of Bigfoot traversing the Pacific Northwest, then perhaps you should retake it (though if you have actual photos of Bigfoot, go ahead and send those too - we'd love to see them)!

If I need to exchange an item, can I keep my same edition number?

We cannot guarantee your exchange will have the same edition number, but we will try our best!

Do you sell replacement parts?

At this time, Sideshow does not sell replacement parts.

What courier will you use for my replacement / replacement part?

Sideshow will use the most cost-efficient method by default. For domestic shipments, our preferred courier is UPS, although USPS is occasionally used as well. For international shipments, it is DHL.

What isn't covered by the Return policy?

  • Shipping cartons (the brown or 'shipper' box): These cartons (whether self-shippers or large cartons) are utilized solely to shield the collectible from damage during transit. 
  • Graphic (color or 'art' boxes): For both Sideshow and distributed products, we only have a small number of replacement color boxes. We reserve those for shipments that have seen severe damage (large holes, crushed sides, long tears, water damage, etc.) Boxes that see light box stress (minor bends, creases, dented corners) during transit will not be eligible for a replacement graphics box.
  • Internal packaging: The internal packaging such as Styrofoam and plastic tray inserts, are intended to protect your item in transit so it arrives to you safe and sound.
  • Replacements or replacement parts for sold-out or archived products: We do not guarantee replacement parts/pieces for long sold-out or archived items, regardless of whether you purchased from us or another vendor. This is why it is important to immediately open and inspect your collectible upon arrival. 
  • Orders reported as not delivered 90 days or more after shipment: These are not eligible for replacement or refund, so make sure you stay on top of your shipment tracking.
Important Things to Note

  • The item must be returned in the same condition it was sent to you. There is no need to attempt a repair, as we like to inspect any damaged collectibles upon their return (for our own R&D purposes). 
  • Send back all figures, accessories, bases, original packaging, and outer shipping cartons. This includes the brown shipping box. If the original brown shipper cannot be used for any reason, please be sure to use a comparable box of an appropriate size with the return packaged securely within. Returning incomplete products may delay exchanges or refunds, and even prevent us from being able to assist you with future inquiries.
  • Items that arrive with excessive damage due to improper repacking may be subject to additional fees, which is typically 10% of the product price. Please be sure to use the original packaging, and let us know if you need tips on how to properly pack your item so you don’t incur this fee!
How can I begin processing a return?

To start a return or exchange right now, click here!
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