Double Boxing

Sideshow offers an additional double boxing service for those customers who would like to add extra packaging to select eligible figures. Please be advised, this service may increase the shipping cost of your item, and fees will be assessed individually. 

If your item is in-stock, you will be able to select this option right away at check out. This option will appear whether you have opted for a payment plan, or if you are paying for your in-stock item in full. 

If an item is on pre-order, please note that you may not be able to opt in to the Double Boxing feature until you receive an e-mail notice that your order is preparing to arrive in our facility. 

How much does double boxing cost?

This service may increase the shipping cost, and will vary from item to item. Fees will be assessed individually. A rate will be provided to you before you finish check out for new orders. For existing orders that are shipping soon, a new shipping rate will be offered to you for your reference. Please be advised that this option will not be offered on pre-order items that are still awaiting a shipping quote. 

My item is not eligible for double boxing. Why?

Double boxing eligibility is determined on the size of the item. If the item exceeds the maximum dimensions, we are not able to offer double boxing on check out, or through the Order Details. 

Why can't I add double boxing on my eligible pre-order yet?

If an item is on pre-order, we do not have an established weight as the item is still in the production process. Because of this, the shipping dimensions have not been finalized and double boxing cannot be offered up front. Dimensional weights should be available closer to when the item is ready to ship. Once they are available, the website will provide you a ship estimate at checkout or in the Order Details. 

Can I select double boxing for all orders?

No. Double boxing will need to be selected at check out or updated to an individual order. Selecting this option on one order will not update it for other existing orders. 

Selecting Double Boxing at Checkout

1. Add the item to your Cart

2. Once everything is added and the quantity / any applicable payment plans are to your preference, select 'Proceed to checkout'

3. On the checkout screen, you will see an option that says 'Double box my item' in the 'Your Shipment' section. Check this box. 


4. One you check this box, on the right hand side, click 'Update Order Options'. 

The Checkout page will update to your preference, and your final total will adjust to the new rate accordingly.


Adding Double Boxing on an Existing Order

If your order says Preparing to Ship, your preference cannot be adjusted. This option will only be available if you are adjusting an in-stock item with a payment plan, or if you are adjusting a pre-order that will soon be charging and shipping. 

1. Log in to

2. Go to your Orders page and select 'Modify Orders

3. Select 'Edit Boxing Preferences'.

4. Select which item(s) you would like to have double boxed, then select 'Update Boxing Preferences'. 

5. You will be prompted to select which courier you would like to use, as shipping rates may have adjusted with the double boxing feature. Select your preference, and hit 'Update Shipping Methods'. 

When the page refreshes, your order should now reflect your Double Boxed preference. 


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