U.S. Shipping Cost Info

The U.S. shipping cost of our items is based on the weight of the item and its shipping carton size. Our site refers to this as “Estimated Shipping Weight,” which can be found on each item’s page in the ' Additional Details' section.

Some of our pieces are considered “oversized” and for these the shipping cost is typically based on dimensional weight, which is also located on the item’s page, in the ' Additional Details' section. This area is labelled as 'Shipping Weight.'


If the final product dimensions are not yet available, then a shipping quote may not be offered at the time of checkout or may be displayed as Pending. Once the final product dimensions are available, the website will provide you a shipping estimate at checkout.

We know we're asking a lot of you to place an order without knowing the dimensions or shipping costs, but sometimes when we're hand-crafting fine art collectibles we just don't have those details available during pre-order.

Don’t worry, though, before we actually ship anything you’ll know whether to expect an item you can place on your bookshelf or one that’s the size of a bookshelf! 

If you have any questions with regard to shipping costs please contact us!
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