Order Delays & Intent to Keep Order

Why was my order delayed?

Waiting is hard, and we know that wait becomes all the more difficult when estimated arrivals shift. We're just as disappointed when a delay occurs as you are. With high-end collectibles of this nature, a significant amount of effort goes into the planning, development, and production process. There are a plethora of factors that can push back the arrival of an item, especially because we won't ship anything until the elves tinkering away in our workshop think it's absolutely perfect, just as you'd expect!

Sideshow makes every effort to ensure the most accurate arrival times are posted. but sometimes, estimated arrival dates do change. Any delay is the result of our desire to ensure you receive the highest quality collectible possible (or potentially from shifting timelines that result from cosmic reboots, though that's a bit out of our hands). We assure you, the artisans working hard on your items are just as geeky as you are and want to make sure they get every last detail right! 


What happens when there is a change to my item's estimated arrival?
If a pre-order item experiences a delay, you must confirm your intent to keep the order open. If no action is not taken to make this confirmation, then we are legally required to cancel the order approximately 30 days following notification of the delay and to issue a full refund (including any deposit processed). To make this process as streamlined as possible for our collectors, we've made some modifications to the checkout process and order details section of your online Sideshow account by adding the "protect my order from cancellation" checkbox. What is that checkbox for, you may ask?

What is the "protect my order form cancellation" checkbox for?

When you order an item, on the final review screen at checkout, you will notice a checkbox located above the Place Your Order button, as seen here:


Checking this box registers your intent to keep the order open in the event of a delay.

What am I agreeing to when I protect my order?

When you check the "Protect My Order" box at checkout — or you add it to an existing order through your order details page — you are letting Sideshow know that you wish to keep your order open in the event of a delay. Basically, you're saying that you want this cool collectible no matter how long it takes to arrive (which, we think, is a wise choice)!

You are under no obligation to agree to this! However, if your order does experience a delay and you do not register your intent to keep the order within 30 days, we must cancel your order and issue a full refund. That's "must" as in " legally required to do so."

Is there a fee associated with protecting my order?

Nope! This is just a convenient way to let us know you still want your stuff even if it's delayed.

If I already paid in full, do I still need to protect my order?

Yup! Orders that are paid in full may still experience delays, so you must indicate your intent to keep your order. 

How will I be notified if one of my orders is delayed?

You will receive an email notification to let you know when an item has experienced a delay.

All that red may seem a little scary, but it's not as frightening as having your order canceled when you still want your stuff!

Additionally, when visiting Sideshow's website, you may see a banner or pop-up message regarding orders that are facing cancelation due to a delay. We're always looking out for you, so we've designed this message for you to be able to select which items you wish to keep in the event of a delay and those you do not:


What about my existing pre-orders?

You may register your intent to keep an existing pre-order (if it is delayed) through your account's Order Details page. Confirmation is only required once per order and you may update your preferences at any time.

Should I only enable this feature on orders that have been delayed?

You may utilize this feature for any of your upcoming pre-orders, even if they haven't experienced a delay. Registering your intent to keep the order open will prevent it from being automatically canceled in the event there is a delay.

How much time do I have before my order is canceled?

If you have not informed Sideshow of your intent to keep your order open after a delay, you will receive an email notification requesting you to take action by a certain date. You will have 30 days to register your response; otherwise, your order will be automatically canceled and refunded, and you won't be getting your stuff. If you wish to still receive the item you’ve pre-ordered, you must register your intent to keep your order before the provided due date. C'mon, 30 days is a really long time!

Can I change my mind about my cancelation preference?

Of course! You can update your preference at any time through your Sideshow account's Order Details page.

Does this option prevent my order from being canceled due to a declined payment?

No, this is only related to shipment delays. If a payment is declined, you will be notified by email to let you know that we will reattempt this payment in 3 business days. If the payment declines a second time, the order will be automatically canceled.

For more information on Declined Payments, please refer to our help center article HERE.

Will my refund include my non-refundable deposit?

Yes, it will! If your order is canceled due to a delay, a full refund — including any deposits you've paid — will be issued to the original payment method(s) associated with your order. If you choose to cancel your order through your online account for any reason after that order has been delayed, you will still receive a full refund.

Why isn't my order protected by default?

Current FTC Regulations require that Sideshow obtain customers' written, electronic, or verbal consent to keep an open pre-order in the event of a delay.  Without this consent, any order that has experienced a delay must be canceled and refunded after 30 days. There's no arguing with the long arm of the law!

For more information on FTC regulations with regards to pre-order items, please click HERE.

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