Sideshow Seconds

There are so many aspects of the collectible experience to consider when deciding what to add to your shelf. Sideshow works tirelessly to provide top-tier statues and figures from acclaimed design studios and distribution partners around the world, bringing you the opportunity to unbox your fandom favorites in an unforgettable fashion (turning your purchase into more than just an item, but a true fandom experience)!

The package is all a part of the presentation, but sometimes minor dings and distress can make a box less than perfect — all while there is a new and completely functional collectible inside.

Until now these boxes (and the collectibles within) have been held back in our warehouse, but finally they have a second chance to join your collection . . . 

Introducing Sideshow Seconds!
Sideshow Seconds is a unique opportunity to snag amazing collectibles at a discount! These are amazing items that have less-than-perfect packaging but are otherwise undamaged. It’s a great chance to think inside the box and grab something new for your collection, especially if you’re a collector who doesn’t care as much about packaging!

What are Sideshow Seconds?
The products in the Sideshow Seconds program have packaging that wasn’t quite worthy of leaving the warehouse with the rest of their friends. This includes superficial damages to the art box and/or Styrofoam padding.

The collectibles themselves have been inspected and repacked, so now they’re getting a second chance to make collectors happy by being offered to you at a discounted rate (while supplies last).

If we lived in the Toy Story universe, these collectibles would be celebrating their chance to get out into the world and bring you joy, so don’t pass on this opportunity and make them as sad as you were during that trash compactor scene in Toy Story 3

Are these items damaged? Are they returns?
Sideshow items may become Seconds for any number of reasons. However, in all cases, the items have been opened and inspected by our team to ensure they are intact and ready to be a part of your collection.

What is an art box?

Many statues and figures have a graphic box that features colorful character designs on the exterior, with the protective Styrofoam or casing of a collectible inside. These art boxes are then put into additional protective brown shipper boxes to preserve the package during transit.

Sideshow Seconds products have sustained various degrees of cosmetic damage to the art box packaging without compromising the collectible inside.

Are Sideshow Seconds products discounted?
Yes! Products offered through the Sideshow Seconds program are discounted at 15% off the retail price — a great deal for collectors who don’t judge a collectible by its cover!

How do I know if a product is a Sideshow Seconds piece?
You can find all the Sideshow Seconds offerings at On this site, you will be able to search the available items and then go through the order process with your current Sideshow account. 

In addition, you'll notice that every Sideshow Seconds item is marked throughout your checkout process with a red box labeled "Sideshow Seconds." The exact amount of the discount will not appear until you are ready to checkout.

Will I know specifically what type of damage impacted the box before I buy?
You’ll just have to trust us on this one! Damage can range from physical nicks, scrapes, and tears to discoloration, dents, and more on the Styrofoam or the art box of a collectible. Every Sideshow Seconds product has a different reason for qualifying for the discounted rate, but we cannot specify each package's unique imperfections individually, sorry.

In some cases, be aware that the art box may not be included with a Sideshow Seconds purchase. No matter what, though, your item will be shipped to you safely with a protective brown shipper box to ensure that it remains intact and uncompromised on its way to you.

Can I reach out to Product Support to get a new art box?
Products purchased through the Sideshow Seconds program are not eligible for replacement packaging. When purchasing a Sideshow Seconds collectible, you acknowledge that the collectible's packaging is less than perfect and may possibly be shipped without the graphic art box; that’s the whole reason for the discount, after all!

I have an issue with the product I received. Can I get a replacement or refund?
While we do our best to ensure the overall quality and safe arrival of your collectibles, if your item is damaged during transit and you are unsatisfied, you may return it for a full refund. Please reach out to our Returns team for assistance.

Who should buy Sideshow Seconds?
If you are the type of collector who doesn’t mind a little scuff on the box your collectible comes in, then Sideshow Seconds is an awesome way to get a new high-end statue or figure at a reduced price.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to bring home a gorgeous new collectible for a lower cost and Let Your Geek Sideshow with Sideshow Seconds!
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