The Child Life-Size Figure

The Child Life-Size Figure: Assembly and Display Instructions

The Child Life-Size Figure: Out of the Box

When will the Child Life-Size Figure pre-orders ship? 

Due to the incredible demand for The Child Life-Size Figure, and the handcrafted nature of this high-end collectible, Sideshow will be receiving our stock in split shipments. All pre-orders will be fulfilled promptly as stock is received. Please note that the estimated arrival window on our site has been updated to accommodate new orders for future stock, and does not affect pre-orders that have already been placed, or your place in that fulfillment queue.

You can view your pre-order confirmation details within your account at The order details page will show your personal fulfillment window for shipping. As your item makes its way through production, we will keep you updated with the very latest and most accurate information. Then, approximately 5-7 business days ahead of the product’s arrival in our facility, we will send you an email with an arrival notice, processing date, and final balance due. Please stay tuned to our newsletter and social media channels for more ‘in production’ updates on The Child, as well as all of the latest pop culture collectible news.

Is the Child Life-Size Figure by Sideshow poseable? Are his clothes poseable or removable? 

The Child Life-Size Figure is a 1:1 scale museum-quality collectible. While intended to be displayed on the included base, the Child is removable from the base. The head-on the child is articulated. The shifter knob is removable.

Is the Child Life-Size Figure removable from / displayable off of the base?

The figure is intended to be displayed on the base. The figure is removable for shipment purposes, but it is not intended to be displayed off of the provided base.

What material(s) is the Child Life-Size Figure composed of?

The Child Life-Size Figure is a mixed media collectible made of fabric, high-quality plastic, and resin. For more information on these materials, please see this helpful article.

What will the Child Life-Size Figure cost to ship?

The Child Life-Size Figure is a pre-order collectible. We do not currently have an established weight for the piece as the collectible is still in the production process. Shipping dimensions have not been finalized. Once finalized shipping dimensions are available, all collectors who pre-ordered the piece will receive an e-mail notification indicating the exact order total including shipping costs. This notification is usually sent 5 - 7 business days ahead of the item arriving in our warehouse. 

For international collectors: Please be aware this will not include any customs fees or taxes that may be charged by your government for importing the product. You will need to contact your local customs office for information on these costs. For more information on customs fees, please see this helpful article.

What is the edition size / How many will be produced?

The Child Life-Size Figure will not be a numbered collectible. While this is a limited edition collectible, sometimes this indicates only a certain number will ever be created, and sometimes (like in this case) it indicates that the piece will be produced for a limited amount of time. The time frame will not necessarily be announced. 

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