Order Status

In the 'Your Orders' section of your user account, you will find that each order is assigned a specific 'Status.' This article, will help you understand the meaning of each order status.

General Order Statuses

You've just placed your order - thank you!

Order Processed
This status indicates we have received your order! Congrats!

Item in Production
If you have ordered a pre-order item, you'll notice this status appear as we work on completing the production of your highly anticipated collectible!

Your item has shipped and shipping details will be available in your order history.

Delivery Estimate + Date
This status gives you a general idea of when an item will be arriving into our warehouses for shipment.

Unfortunately, your order was canceled. If you believe this was in error, please take a moment to refer to the email that you received from us. The most likely reason is insufficient funds on your card. 


FLEXPay Orders

Awaiting Final Payment
All orders which have outstanding balances, will be listed as 'awaiting final payment' until such a time as the final payment has been received. Please refer to your complete payment plan details within your order in your order history!


Wait List Reservations

Reservation Submitted
Simply informs you that your waitlist has been submitted. To learn more about Waitlist Reservations, click here


Gift Card Orders

Email Sent
If you sent an electronic Gift Card, this is confirmation that the email was sent to the recipient.  



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