When Will My Order Ship?

When will (Insert Product Name Here) ship?

It depends on the estimated arrival of the collectible. We post an estimated arrival date on the product page. The product page contains the most up to date information as to when we expect to receive an item. *PLEASE NOTE* Customer Support does not have more up to date information than what is posted on the product page. Estimated arrival dates are subject to change at any time, and frequently do change depending on a variety of factors. 


Up to date shipping information is located above order button

When will my pre-order ship?

Once we have a firm ETA, you will receive an arrival notice via e-mail (usually 2-5 days in advance from when we expect to receive the item). We send an additional processing notice via e-mail (usually 2-4 days in advance from when we expect to process your payment) which lists the balance due and the date we expect to process the remaining balance and ship the piece. If you opted for a flexible payment plan, the item will ship once your last payment is successfully processed.

Will I be notified if my item is delayed / is arriving sooner?

Yes. We send e-mail notifications when there is a change in the estimated arrival date. 

When will my in stock item ship?

In stock items process immediately and ship within 1-3 business days. 

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes. An e-mail notification is sent containing tracking information once your item(s) ships out.

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