Applying Gift Cards to Existing Orders

Sideshow offers the option to apply Gift Cards onto existing orders through the Order Details page on an open order. This feature will be available to customers with an existing gift card balance in their account. 

The option is not available in my Order Details. Why?

Please ensure that you have an active Gift Card balance. You can review the Gift Cards section of your account to add an active Gift Card into your account, or to review what you have available for use. 

Can Gift Cards be applied toward a single payment on a Flex Payment plan?

At this time, gift cards can only be applied toward the entire balance of an item, which would lower all future payments as a result. They cannot affect a single payment. 

Can Gift Cards cover sales tax and/or shipping costs?

If an item is on pre-order, the item is still being created, and sales tax and shipping costs are not final. As they may be subject to variation, Gift Cards cannot be applied to these costs up front. Once you receive an email saying that your item is arriving soon, you will then be able to apply a Gift Card as needed. 

Please be advised that gift cards cannot be applied in custom amounts. If the payment exceeds the Gift Card balance, it will use the entire amount. 


How to Apply a Gift Card to an Existing Order

1: Ensure you are logged in to 

2: Go to the Orders page for the applicable item you are looking to apply a Gift Card to, and select 'Order Details' or 'Modify Order'. 


3. On the right side of this page, it will show an option to 'Apply Gift Card Balance'. 


4. A new window will appear, confirming the Gift Card balance that will be applied. Custom amounts cannot be selected. The entire Gift Card balance will be used. In the event that the Gift Card balance exceeds the payment total, the remainder will stay active on the account. 


5. Once you hit 'Apply Gift Card Balance', wait! It may take a few moments to apply the Gift Card balance successfully. Do not click out of this window or refresh the page. 



Once it has finished, a window will appear to confirm that your payment has been updated, and your remaining payments will adjust!




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