Sideshow Gift Card FAQ

How do I purchase a Gift Card?

Skip on over HERE and find out how to purchase the GREATEST gift in the galaxy.

Can I purchase a gift card if I'm outside of the United States?

Not at this time. We hope to have this option available in the future. 

Do Rewards, Promos and Gift Cards play well?

Yes -most of the time. You can apply Sideshow Rewards and/or Promo codes on items being purchased with an existing Gift Card. You cannot use Rewards or Promos to purchase a new gift card.

Can I reload my Gift Card?

Gift cards are not reloadable. However, you can buy multiple cards which are easily managed within your Sideshow Wallet.

Can I transfer the balance to my friend? 

Once a gift card is added to your online account it cannot be moved from one account to another. That said, you can purchase a gift card for your friend or family members and have it sent directly to their e-mail address or their home.

What can I use my Gift Card on? 

You can use your Gift Card on just about anything we sell. You can even use your Gift Card towards shipping fees, tax, and your non-refundable deposits.

Can I use a Gift Card to purchase another Card? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to process Gift Cards as a payment method for another Gift Card.

Are prepaid Visa / MasterCard/ American Express etc. Gift Cards valid on Sideshow Gift Cards?
We do not accept other prepaid gift cards to purchase Sideshow Gift Cards. For more information on our accepted payment methods, please refer to this article.

What do I do with my physical Gift Card?

Once your Gift Card code has been entered into your Sideshow Wallet, you technically no longer need the physical card, however, we would not hold it against you if you decided to collect all the designs and make a sweet poster out of them

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