Creating or Deleting an Account

Creating an Account

An Online User Account is a personal account that is established by a customer during their first purchase with us. This account acts as an online wallet, which can make future transactions easier for you by storing your preferred method of payment and your shipping address. Your online account allows you to access all of your ordering information, order history, order status and even tracking information once your order leaves our facility.

Customers can also create an account and NOT store their credit card information in their account online. This can be done at check out by selecting the ‘Delete credit card in my account after ordering’ option in the credit card area, at the lower right side of the check out page.

Prior to creating an account, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our account rules:
1) Only one account per person is allowed.

2) Once the account has been established, the user account name cannot be changed, unless there has been a legal name change. Accounts cannot be “transferred” to a different person.

3) To begin your account, you must have a valid credit card (defined as a credit card with available funds and displaying a current expiration date). You may opt to remove your credit card from your account after you place an order with us, as explained here. Please note that removing your credit card from your account may hinder you from taking advantage of our quick check out features.

4) For Fraud Protection purposes, the credit card registered in the account must belong to the account holder. In addition, Sideshow will only ship to your credit card billing address or place of business. Please read our credit card policy for further information.

5) Sideshow Collectibles reserves the right to disable or cancel an online user account at anytime for any reason. Please note that one of the most common reasons for account closure results from creating multiple accounts, invalid forms of payment or excessive card declines (ISF) at the time of processing.

To create an account click here.

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