Adding a Tax Identification Number To Your Online Account

As of July 1st, 2018, in compliance with new customs regulations in Korea and China, Sideshow is requiring that all new accounts in these regions provide their tax identification number during the registration process. Collectors with existing Sideshow accounts will need to add their tax identification number in order to continue to place orders and receive shipped product. In order to do this, existing accounts simply need to re-add their form of payment and enter the number in the corresponding field. 

To add your tax identification number: 

1) Visit

2) Login to your Sideshow account.

3) Access the "Account" area by hovering your cursor over the name in the upper right hand corner of the page and clicking "Account." 

4) Click "Payment Methods."

5) Click the arrow next to the credit / debit card on file. Then click "Change." 

6) Enter the requested payment information into the required fields. 

7) Select your preferred currency.

8) Enter the CIF / USCI / OC number into the "CIF Number" field:

8) Choose "Update All Orders" to have ALL payments processed in using this payment method. and currency.  If you prefer, you can select which specific orders you would like to be processed in USD by checking the individual check boxes next to each order number.

If you wish to be charged in your local currency at a future date, you can do this by repeating the same process and leaving the "Charge me in USD" check box unchecked. 

*PLEASE NOTE* Items shipped without the tax identification number provided may result in additional fees being assessed upon import. Sideshow is not responsible for any additional fees requested on import as a result of the tax identification number not being provided.