Need a Replacement Part?

High speed chase take out a steering vein on your Star Wars Speeder bike? Maybe we can help! Give us the low down of what happened, and what part / piece you think you may need to remedy the issue / break.

To expedite the *possibility of a replacement, please share a few photos -close ups and full shots of the problem area / area to ensure our Sideshow engineers understand the situation. Pictures are worth a thousand words, but don't be shy, please share as much detail as you can in your Parts Request and we'll do our best to make your collectible whole again

Let's roll on over to our Parts Request Form so you can submit your request.

*Due to the limited nature of our products, we only produce/receive a small number of replacement pieces and parts. We cannot guarantee stock of replacement parts / pieces for sold out or older archived items. Some parts and/or pieces may be subject to our 30-day return policy.