Processing Alert E-Mails

What is a Processing Alert e-mail?
This is an e-mail sent to customers who have pre-ordered items with us and given us a valid e-mail address. It informs them that their item(s) will be arriving into our warehouse within one to seven business days and that their credit cards will be charged for their order within 24 hours of receipt of that correspondence.

What to do after you receive the Processing Alert.
When you receive this alert, you should confirm that the shipping address, credit card information and expiration dates on the order are correct. CONTACT US BY PHONE WITH ANY CHANGES ASAP! If you wish to make changes to this order or to cancel it when you receive the ‘Processing Alert,’ you will need to call us directly for assistance at (800) 474-3746 or (805) 214-2151 (from outside the U.S.).

Fees may apply if you do not contact us in time.
As a service to our customers, we e-mail ‘Estimated Item Arrival’ notifications about 14 -21 days prior to sending the ‘Processing Alert.’ Our e-newsletter also announces which items will be arriving within 30 days as well as items that have begun shipping. The advanced notifications should give you ample time to update your order information with us.

Please note that if you fail to update us with any new shipping addresses or fail to cancel the order in a timely manner you will be responsible for all shipping fees on orders that are mis-shipped. You may also be responsible for additional shipping fees that are incurred to redirect or reship your package to the appropriate address.

Charging your credit card.
Your card will be charged within 24 hours of receipt of the Processing Alert. Please make sure funds are available for your order to avoid cancellation due to declined credit cards. Please click here for more information about declined cards.

It is the customer’s responsibility to monitor their e-mail, our newsletter and our web site for the arrival date of their pre-order product into our warehouse. Sideshow Collectibles is not responsible for any overdraft / over limit fees that may occur on the customer’s account due to delayed, misdirected or returned Item Arrival or Processing Notification e-mails.

In-stock orders WILL NOT receive a Processing Alert e-mail.
If you have placed an order for an in-stock item, then you will not receive this correspondence. Your in-stock item will ship out to you within 72 hours and you should expect the cost to be processed to your card within this time frame.

Did not receive your Processing Alert E-mail?
You may not have received our Processing Alert e-mail due to personal SPAM filters. This e-mail will be coming from Please add this address to your list of ‘approved senders’ in your SPAM software and into your address book.