My Promo / Coupon Isn’t Working!

1) Warning: Not a valid coupon code. Please try again.
This can be caused incorrect spelling of the code or the incorrect item for the code is selected in the cart. Also please check that the date of the code is valid.

2) Warning: It appears that you have already used the coupon. Try again.
This means that the e-coupon has already been used on an order placed by your online user account. E-coupons can only be used once even if you canceled the original order on which the code was used.

3) Page refreshes but does not show discount.
This happens when you attempt to use an e-coupon on a Waitlist Reservation. Coupons are not valid on waitlist items as they are not available to you to purchase at checkout.

4) Want to start order over and save e-coupon.
If you have added the e-coupon to your order already but do not want to use it, the only way to save it is to log out of your account and start your transaction over. Once you place your order, the code will not be allowed to be used again by your user account.