Credit Card Policy

All you could ever want to know about Sideshow Credit Cards Policies!

Credit Card Information:

All credit cards listed in your account must belong to you -the registered Sideshow account holder. The credit card must be current, and valid. The billing address in your account must match the billing address.

To help keep you and your account safe, we can only accept a second party credit card if we receive an official authorization form completed by the actual card holder. 

Need to Update Your Info?

You can now update your credit card information through your online user account here.

When is My Card Charged?
Pre-Orders: You are billed when the product becomes available to ship. Note: All Non-Refundable Deposit (NRD) are charged immediately.

In-Stock: We attempt to charge your card immediately, for all in-stock pieces. 

My Credit Card Failed

In-Stock: When a card fails to charge, you will see a pop-up message with steps to resolve.

Pre-Order: When a card fails to charge, we will notify you via e-mail.

You will have between up 5 business days from our e-mail notification to replace the failed credit card, depending on availability of stock.

Orders will be canceled if new card information is not provided timely, if mailed payment is not sent timely, or if the stock of the item is depleted after the initial attempt to charge your card. This courtesy window for payment replacement does not guarantee that we will hold your item.

Recharge your Card
If you received an email notification that your card will be rerun automatically, then it is your responsibility to make funds available on that card or cancel your order by the date specified within that correspondence. Sideshow will not be responsible for bank fees or overdrafts assessed due to a second attempt to process your card.

My Credit Card Failed again, nooo! 
If your credit card declines a second time on a Pre-Order item you ordered that is ready to process and ship, whether you have requested to rerun the original card on file, it was rerun automatically or you have provided us with a new card, your order will be canceled immediately and you will receive a cancellation confirmation via e-mail.

Courtesy payment replacement window for Pre-Orders:
In general, customers will have between 3 – 5 business days from our e-mail notification to replace the declined payment method, depending on availability of stock. The courtesy time for payment replacement may not be offered on items that feature an extremely limited edition. In these situations, the item’s arrival and processing notifications will convey that no courtesy payment replacement window is available. We recommend that customers review their notifications carefully and prepare their funds accordingly!

Note about Charge Backs
All accounts with active charge backs are temporarily disabled, in order to avoid further billing and shipping issues, while we help resolve the issue.