Waitlist Reservations - What is a Waitlist? How do I join?

Since our products have small world-wide editions, many lines tend to sell through before they even reach our warehouse. However, items may become available at the time of shipping, due to canceled orders, credit card declines, warehouse inventory discrepancies, etc. These items are then offered to individuals who have reserved a place in a queue line, or waitlist, for that product. The likelihood of a waitlisted piece becoming available is almost entirely dependent upon the amount of cancellations we receive for a given item.

Waitlist reservations are not an official Sideshow order. If a piece is found for you, you will be notified via e-mail and you will need to complete the checkout process and place an order for the item.

To join a waitlist, simply login to your account and click the "Join Waitlist" button located on the item page. 

Once you've clicked "Join Waitlist," you will see the page display "You're on the Waitlist." *PLEASE NOTE* - you will not receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you that you've successfully placed yourself on the Waitlist. 

You can then view any items you are on the Waitlist for by accessing the "Waitlisted Items" section in your Sideshow online account. 

For detailed information on how to go about completing a purchase once your Waitlist item has converted, click here