International Custom Fees


International shipments will be sent from our U.S. warehouse or our Hong Kong warehouse, depending on your delivery address. Sideshow DOES NOT collect Duty / VAT directly and therefore those fees are not included in your order total. International customers are responsible to pay Duty and VAT directly to the carrier at the time of delivery or via bill afterwards.

Approximate Duty on our products.
Duty assessed on Sideshow items is approximately 5% – 6.5%, but will vary based on item type. You should verify the duty rate with your local customs office.

Some of our current import categories based on custom regulations are, but not limited to:

 1) Plastic toys, dolls, action figures, parts and accessories. (Duty code: 9503)

 2) Collectors models, statuettes, (polystone / polyresin items). (Duty code: 3926)

Please note that Sideshow tries to select the best import code for each category of product. However, individual customs offices can reclassify these categories and alter the duty codes before clearance, causing changes in the rates charged. Sideshow is not responsible for code changes nor any additional charges that you may incur. We cannot alter the local customs office decision. Any dispute about these charges must be made directly with your customs office.

How to calculate your Total Import fees

Calculating your Total Import Costs:
1) Duty Cost = (Item price + Freight cost (incl. insurance)) x Duty Rate (5% - 6.5%)

2) VAT Cost = (Item price + Freight cost + Total Duty) x VAT (%)

3) VAT Cost + Duty cost + Advancement fee = Total Import Costs


The Advancement Fee is assessed when the carrier (Fed Ex, UPS, or DHL) has to pay your customs fees to your government in advance before delivery of your item. This fee is approximately 2% of the total shipment (Average US$10-US$15) and it is collected directly by the carrier. This fee is commonly assessed to shipments into EU regions.