Refused Packages Info

Package Refusal Help

Thinking of refusing a package -waaaait a minute! CONTACT US -we have super powers. If something isn't right with the package / order, we may be able to help you, and it will be faster than the time it takes to process a 'refused package' back into our warehouse. So please weigh your options before refusing a package, that may incur charges. 

You Changed Your Mind

What?! Ok, ok, we understand. CONTACT US! We can help you return it through the proper channels. If you refuse a package in the US, please know ugh, red will be responsible for all shipping charges. Once the collectible is back in warehouse, we will refund you -less any applicable return shipping charges and non-refundable deposits.

International Customers

If you refuse a package, resulting in the return and/or abandonment of your collectible -ugh, red letters... you will still be responsible for all VAT Fees, Import fees, Return shipping costs and Abandonment fees. These fees will be deducted from your refund. If greater than the product(s) price, Sideshow may bill you for the balance.

Ship Quotes / International Fees

We can provide you with a quote prior to the item shipping. If you are an international customer, we suggest that you also contact your local customs office for a quote on VAT or import fees as well. 

Sideshow support is pretty cool and always accommodating, but please know, we reserve the right to refuse any future orders for repeat offenders of 'package refusals' especially refusals on international shipments.