Availability (Stock) Status

IN-STOCK: the product currently resides in our warehouse and is available to be shipped. If your order is placed by 2pm, Monday - Friday, it will 'usually' leave our warehouse that same day! 

PRE-ORDER: the product is currently in production, or the process of being created. We generally allow these items to  be reserved or pre-ordered but please know, they will not ship until the item is in stock. The item's web page will have the 'expected arrival date'. Updated information will be sent via e-mail before the product arrives/ships if you have pre-ordered/provided an e-mail address.

BACK-ORDERED: the product is available to order, but is not currently in stock to ship.  The item's web page will have the 'expected arrival date'. Once in stock, we can ship it out to you.

SOLD-OUT: Once the Limited Edition quantity has been reached or the manufacturing of a general Limited Edition run has ended the item is considered sold out and the item’s page is marked with a 'Sold Out' icon.

DOMESTIC EXCLUSIVE: a line of product which can only be purchased by U.S., or domestic, customers through the Sideshow site. (note: the same or similar items/editions may be available outside of the U.S. through different distributors)