When will my Waitlist Reservation Convert?

Waitlist Reservations are not official Sideshow orders and will only be fulfilled if an item becomes available from an actual order cancellation.

As such, collectors often ask us WHEN their Waitlist Reservation will convert to an order.

It is important to note that Sideshow staff does not have access to your position in the waitlist queue, nor do they have specifics on how long it will take for your reservation to convert.

However, for some Waitlist Reservations, we are happy to provide you a visual indicator of your Waitlist status based on projected cancellation rates for that item. Here is an example of this indicator:


The waitlist indicator has five states:

  • Great*
  • Good*
  • OK
  • Not Good
  • Not Great


As a convenience, the bar may provide a link to an available, alternative version of the item, when applicable.

* Please note, the visual indicator is an approximation of your position on the waitlist based on our projected rate of cancellation. A positive indicator does not guarantee or insure that your reservation will convert to an actual order.