Waitlist Reservations - How do I purchase an item once my reservation converts?

Waitlist Reservations are not official Sideshow orders and will only be fulfilled if an item becomes available from an actual order cancellation. Waitlist reservations are not guaranteed orders and no funds are taken when you add yourself to a Waitlist.

As such, collectors often ask us WHEN their Waitlist Reservation will convert to an order.

It is important to note that Sideshow staff does not have access to your position in the waitlist queue, nor do they have specifics on how long it will take for your reservation to convert. The likelihood of a collectible becoming available for purchase is almost entirely dependent on the amount of cancellations we receive for a given collectible. 

For detailed information on how to go about adding yourself to a Waitlist, click here

If an item you have joined the waitlist for becomes available, you will receive an e-mail confirmation notifying you that the item is now available for purchase. This e-mail will let you know the amount of time you have to complete the purchase. 

You can click the "Check it Out" link in the e-mail confirmation, or visit the Sideshow website, login to your account, and access the item. As long as you are within your purchase window, the item will be available for you to order on the website. When logged into your account on the Sideshow website during your window to purchase, you will see a notification on the top of the page:

Additionally, you can access the item page from the "Waitlisted Items" area in your online account.

Clicking the link in your e-mail notification, the link at the top of the page, the link from the "Waitlisted Items" area, or accessing the item page will allow you to purchase an item as you normally would. You can apply any eligible promotional discount or rewards points during the check out process. Simply complete the checkout process and you will have a live order for the item.